Thursday, January 20, 2011

The port wine cellars of Vila Nova de Gaia

The famous Port wine is in fact not bottled in Oporto but in the town that sits just opposite of the big city, on the other bank of the Douro river, Vila Nova de Gaia. However, Vila Nova de Gaia still falls within the Porto municipality (there are 20 total municipalities in Portugal; 18 in the mainland, one that covers the whole of the Azores archipelago and another that encompasses the Madeira archipelago).

These are a few pictures from an afternoon visit in March of 2010.

A view of old Porto (Ribeira) from the Vila Nova de Gaia bank of the Douro River.
A view of old Oporto, the Douro River and the Dom Luis bridge from Vila Nova de Gaia.

Signs for the Port wine bottling companies in Vila Nova de Gaia.Port wine bottling companies

Sandeman, one of the most famous bottlers of Port wine. In the summer, the patio is filled with outdoor seating, umbrellas and, of course, happy tourists and Portuguese enjoying the view and the wine!

Sandeman Port wine

In the back alleys of the Port wine cellars.Back alleys

One of Sandeman's facilities.Sandeman facilities

A chuch behind the Port wine cellars, with a typical tile mural.Church Vila Nova de Gaia

An old convent in Vila Nova de Gaia.Convent Vila Nova de Gaia

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