Monday, September 5, 2011

Running and old ladies.

Sometime soon I would like to post (complete with photos!) about the challenges of running through Porto on the tiny sidewalks while dodging old ladies and trying not to run into the street (drivers are kind of maniacal). The old ladies, and men, are so dangerous, I'm not even kidding. They just walk out of shops without looking in either direction, which makes it really hard to avoid collision.

One day after this thesis is over I will write about it more.


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  2. I hear you about the running...It's too bad Europe hasn't caught on to running paths right? Fortunately in my town there is a bike path that is much unused that runs along the side of the road.

    What are you studying in Portugal??

  3. Master's in Tourism. It's... different... than being a tourist. Being a tourist is more fun :)